Event not to be missed

Several times throughout the year, the Sully Valley welcomes tens of thousands of visitors to some quite remarkable events, for which our area has gained renown and popularity. Whether they focus on music, traditions, art and craft or history, participants flock from France and elsewhere to join in the festivities !

Fête du Port : the harbour fair

Every year, the Armada comes to enliven the Port in Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire!
Still in operation a century ago, the port is brought back to life every spring, to the sound of the Loire mariners’ songs, the delicious smell of small grilled fish and the spectacle of the boat sails, swelled with the wind…
In mai 2023

The ‘Historic Hours’ : from Ancient times to the 1960s

Spend a weekend of Historic Hours (Heures Historiques in French) as you delve into the different periods in history !
For the occasion, medieval and even military camps are set up in the grounds of the Château de Sully. A whole team of talented artists and specialists come to offer demonstrations of dance, archery and old trades and crafts. The festivities begin with a parade through the town, all participating artists proudly donning their period costumes !

For further information : www.comitedesfetesdesully.com
On 20th and 21th May 2023 : see the 2019 program

The Sully and Loiret Music Festival

A whole musical month is celebrated in Sully and throughout the entire department, via one of the region’s most popular festivals.
It is unquestionably THE event that good music lovers simply can’t miss. Major names from the worlds of classical, jazz and soul music, among other styles, participate every year by offering their repertoires to an enthusiastic audience, in emblematic venues such as the Château de Sully courtyard.
Further information : www.festival-sully.fr
June 2023

Sully beach : ice cream and themed evening events, on the banks of the Loire !

Join in Sully-sur-Loire’s summer spirit !
Everyone flocks to the banks of the Loire to sunbathe, have fun on the inflatable play structures and to indulge in some sporting activities throughout the day. In the evening, the time comes to enjoy a concert or a themed evening, during which the tables are as busy as the dance floor. All in a convivial atmosphere and over a fresh drink or a well-deserved snack !
5 weeks from July to early august

The Fête de la Sange : (Sange Fair): A tribute to hunting, fishing and nature.

This event draws hunting and fishing enthusiasts from across France and elsewhere.
Every year, the month of September marks the time to celebrate mother nature and the traditions she inspires, via demonstrations of dressage, fishing contests and hunting horn concerts. It’s also a great opportunity to pay tribute to the region’s gastronomy and its traditions!
Further information : www.lafetedelasange.fr | Program available soon
16th and 17th september 2023

The Fête du bois (Wood Fair) : quite an art !

A time and place of honour for all those who work with wood, for its many uses and its aesthetic beauty: such is the vocation of this event. Craftworkers from a range of different horizons come to demonstrate their fine skills over the weekend. The last edition of the Fête du Bois was held in Dampierre en Burly !
The fair moves from town to town, and the forthcoming edition’s venue has not yet been announced. This event is organised once every 4 years.
Further information : www.fetedubois45.com

See you in 2025 !