For individuals: through interactive and dynamic modules, the visitor will discover the world of energy in a fun and educational way (self-led tour). Themes : energy issues, electricity production (specifically, of nuclear origin), the environment, sustainable development, energy trades... For groups: power plant presentation, information centre discovery and guided tour of the site by bus (by reservation only). The bus route includes a view of the exterior of the buildings which make up a nuclear production unit, passage over the Loire to address the theme of the environment, and a view of the Noues horticultural estate which puts the warm waters of the power plant to good use. Tours are available free of charge.


  • Environment and nature
  • Industry
  • Profession
  • Environment and nature
  • Industry
  • Professions / trades
  • Science and technology
  • Industrial site
  • Modern
  • Hearing handicap
  • Mental handicap
  • Motor handicap
  • Visual handicap



  • Permanent free visit
  • Visite guidée permanente
  • Visite guidée sur demande
  • Durée visite individuelle : 01:00 Hours (average)


  • Visite guidée sur demande

Comfort / services

  • Auditorium
  • Parking
  • Film projection room
  • Accepted animals : no
  • Bus parking