At the heats of the two green lungs that are the Sologne forest and the Orleans Forest, there are many paths, under the trees and around the pounds. An invitation to relax and escape !



Marked trails


> Circuit of the “Étang du Puits” – 16 km | 4 h
From the church square

Dampierre en Burly

> Around Dampierre-en-Burly pounds – 15 km| 3 h
From the ‘shopping Center’

Germigny des Prés

> Oratory trail – Grand Clair – 1,2 km | 30 min
From the Oratory garden

Les Bordes

> Sentier des Sources – 7,6 km | 2 h
From the ‘Carrefour de la Résistance

Ouzouer sur Loire

> Sentier du Maquis – 2,2 km | 45 min
From the ‘Carrefour de l’Estrade’

Saint Benoit sur Loire

> Le village and the Port – 3,7 km | 1 h
From the ‘place du Martroi’ (the central village square)

Saint Père sur Loire

> Entre les Levées – 3,5 km | 1 h 30
From the Orléans street (at the road bridge)


Sully sur Loire

> A la rencontre des oiseaux migrateurs (meet migratory birds) – 6,4 km | 1 h 45
From the Tourist Office (place de Gaulle)

> Château de Sully Park – 4,9 km | 2 h
Free walk in the park all year round


> Les fougères de Viglain (Viglain ferns) – 9 km | 2 h 15
From the church square


> Une chouette promenade – 3-4 km | 1 h
Include the Owl trail, the Discovery trail, the Pedestrian trail and the Fitness trail.

Loiret Balades

Thanks to the website, prepare your hikes, horse riding and cycling ; and take the mapand infos with you ! all the indicated routes are carefully marked and maintained. Classified by area, by theme and by length, everything is done to find your perfect hike. (Be carefull, this website is only in french, use the button ‘translate in English’).