Welcome to Sologne !

From the Latin ‘Secalonia’, the Sologne area is home to a forest whose patron saint in Saint Montaine. This 500,000-hectare territory stretches across three French departments: Loir-et-Cher, Cher and Loire, and comprises 127 towns or villages. The part of the Sully Valley located in Sologne covers the towns to the south of the River Loire: Sully-sur-Loire, Guilly, Neuvy-en-Sullias, Viglain, Villemurlin, Isdes, Vannes-sur-Cosson, Cerdon, Saint-Florent, Lion-en-Sullias and Saint-Aignan-le-Jaillard.


A label with a personality !

The forest is now awarded the ‘So Sologne’ label, which testifies to the wealth of built heritage within the forest area. Indeed, typical architectural features and buildings can be found in the heart of its authentically preserved villages: half-timbered and brick houses, that form a guard of honour, its churches with brick and wood ‘caquetoir’ (outdoor narthex), its wash houses, appentice roofs and cob. Sologne was also once home to tileries and brickworks, which favoured the development of local skilled trades and architecture. You can also admire some fine 18th century barns in half-timbering and cob (monumental wood frames, set back gateways under porches, gable openings) in Saint-Florent-le-Jeune !

Naturally beautiful

This region is a natural one and a reserve for biodiversity, boasting a wealth of fauna and flora. It is also home to many ponds and small lakes (Sologne’s mascots), to woodlands (Scots pine, willow, oak, birch, etc.), ferns, heaths, high trees, brooms, and various heather varieties, etc. Sologne also abounds with rivers, among which the Beuvron, the Cosson, the Bec d’Able… along the banks of which you can easily enjoy a pleasant stroll.

It is also an area propitious to the reproduction of a number of different species. What’s more, early autumn, you can often hear the deer belling in Sologne Forest – a truly magical experience, in total harmony with the region’s natural environment. And of course, let’s not forget the emerald of Sologne… in other words its small lake, the Étang du Puits! A peaceful haven on the water’s side, in a glimmering verdant setting. What better spot to relax and to enjoy, alone, two by two, with friends or the whole family… the Étang du Puits is highly appreciated by all.

 And that’s not all…

Sologne is also known and renowned for its vast hunting grounds and fine properties (châteaux, manor houses, outbuildings, covering several hundreds of hectares), many of which are holiday homes belonging to Parisians, located a convenient few hours from the capital. The area is also familiar for its natural gastronomical identity, omnipresent thanks to its mushrooms (chanterelles), freshwater fish (pike, carp, roach, tench, pike perch, eel, etc), game (pheasant, European rabbit, boar, roe deer, etc.), asparagus, frogs, and Sologne honey.

And don’t be surprised if, amidst these woods, you spot the odd lookout. For, you’ll have grasped by now that Sologne is also a vast hunting ground, sure to delight the most demanding of palates.

 For walking/ riding/ cycling enthusiasts

Vannes-sur-Cosson offers a vast choice of marked routes in the heart of Sologne! On foot, by bike or on horseback… each one offers its personal share of emotion and pleasure. Some of these GR routes take you past nearby villages, each one with its own treasures for you to discover… There is no place in Sologne that is devoid of character, history, and local tales or legends, all sure to offer you a fascinating and immersive itinerary.

‘Sologne only offers itself to the delicate traveller, the one who takes the time to appreciate it. So, when you come, make sure you delve deep, to fully discover it…’

So, fancy a visit ?

To find out more, you can also consult the www.sologne-tourisme.uk website !