Château de Sully Park

Covering a surface area of 42 hectares, the Château de Sully park is divided into two parts. The first, historic part is enclosed by ramparts. Created in the 15th century, it is wooded and runs alongside the River Sange, which flows into the castle moat. The second, wilder part of the park is home to Sully’s small lakes, where you can observe a multitude of wild birds, trees and insect species, such as dragonflies and butterflies. The entire park is a listed sensitive natural area and a Natura 2000 zone.

Picnic tables await you on the banks of the Sange and under the pleasant shade of the Bald cypress trees. They offer the ideal spot for observing the duck houses installed along the waterway, even if coypus and beavers often come to squat!

Whether you are travelling on foot or by bike, you can pass through the park all year long. Paths cover both parts, in particular the marked ‘An encounter with the migratory birds’ walking route. The park is also the departure point for a number of themed tours, such as the ‘Cheminade Historique’ historic trail, a map of which is available at the Tourist Office, or horse-drawn tours organised by Les Attelages du Château. Fun and educational demonstrations and activities are also regularly organised by Sologne Nature Environnement, Loiret Nature Environnement and the Maison de Loire et du Loiret. They are a perfect opportunity for visitors to become familiar with and sensitive to the local fauna and flora.

A replica of the grotto in Lourdes is situated at the end of the wooded park area. It was built in the 19th century on behalf of the Béthune-Sully family, using stone that was most likely brought from Lourdes, for it was to please the Countess who, sadly, never indulged in such pleasure. She passed away on the very day its construction was completed.

The park is also the venue of a number of national events, including the Heures Historiques (historic hours), a multi-period festival, or the Fête de la Sange (River Sange Fair) in honour of nature, hunting and fishing. These major events draw several tens of thousands of visitors to Sully!

Open all year – free access. The part of the park which is enclosed by ramparts is locked at night. Free of charge.

Acces to the park may be limited on rare occasions, for example in the case of extreme weather conditions likely to impact visitor safety during ticketed events such as the Fête de la Sange in September.


Vannes sur Cosson park

The park in Vannes-sur-Cosson stands amidst the typical red brick and half-timbered buildings of Sologne.
Created in 1999, this botanical park is more familiarly referred to as the ‘Bois Boulette’ (Boulette wood), due to the locality within which it is located.
A pleasant spot for walking and host to a range of leisure activities to suit all, the Boulette wood offers visitors a moment’s respite amidst the local fauna and flora.
All around the pond, which is adorned with a bed of heather earth shrubs and aquatic plants, you can also admire some wild flowers, which are indicated by means of slate panels.
Even the trees offer their secrets, each one bearing its own identity label. What better way to get to know them all ?