Located to the north of the Loire, this gigantic forest that extends to the Val de Sully owes its name to its former owner Philippe d’Orléans.
Composed of 3 forest massifs, its size makes it the largest state forest in France.

In all seasons, visitors can go back to their roots when they enter this millennial forest populated by woodland animals as well as more than 180 species of birds, including the famous and protected osprey.
An osprey observatory is located at the pond of the Ravoir in order to be able to admire it while ensuring the peace necessary for successful breeding.

The forest’s flora is also very abundant with the presence of many hardwood coppices, Scots pines and pedunculated oaks, including the remarkable Paris Oak, with a circumference of 5.05 metres, visible near the observatory.

The Carrefour de la Résistance is a high place of memory, a symbol of the massacre of French resistance fighters, known as maquisards, and civilians by German forces on 14 August 1944.
This star-shaped crossroads with its beautiful sequoia as the centre is composed of a memorial, lines of white crosses and the ruins of forest houses, thus offering the opportunity to remember this tragic page of our history.

From this crossroads, several hiking trails are accessible, including the famous Sentier des sources (loop of 5 to 10 kilometres), witness of a time past, where springs, fountains and cross paths meet.

A call to refocus on the essentials in the middle of nature, between history and memory.