- by Marie-Ange Lazaro - Mandala practice is guided through a process that begins with simple coloring and evolves into personal creations, with a choice of materials to be discovered as you go along. Above all, it's about getting to know yourself, managing your emotions and rediscovering the harmony and well-being that can boost your life's momentum. Everyone is on an equal footing in this practice, whether you approach it playfully or are looking for harmony and inner well-being. No special drawing skills are required. All you need to do is let your own creativity guide you, and express the wonders within you through shapes, colors and symbols,

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  • Le VENDREDI Of 09:30 at 12:00


  • Le VENDREDI Of 09:30 at 12:00


  • Le VENDREDI Of 09:30 at 12:00